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First Apple Cider Pressing of 2021

We pressed our first batch of raw fresh local apple cider! Our first pressing was on September 20, 2021! For us at the Julian Cider Mill it just doesn't feel like Fall until we have our first batch of cider on the shelves!

Nothing welcomes the fall season quite like the smell of fresh pressed cider. The sound of our old fashioned cider press signals the start to cooler days and plenty of fresh local fruit! We are always excited to try our first glass of the season. One of our favorite traditions is sending our Cider Mill team/family home with some of the cider (that was created from a hard days work) to share with their families!

There is something satisfying about doing things the old fashioned way. We've been making cider the same way for four generations. Maybe the simplicity and tradition brings us some comfort. The past year has been full of changes and we've all had to be on our toes shifting with our ever fluctuating world. Creating cider the way my great-grandfather did is always a nice reminder that some things just never change. More comforting, some things don't need to change. Sometimes our great-grandfathers had it all figured out. In todays world its rare to find something we don't need to add technology or efficiency to. It's simply tradition. And that is a beautiful thing.

Furthermore, we enjoy these rhythms of the changing of seasons, and we hope our customers enjoy them as well. These rhythms keep us grounded. The changing of seasons brings us comfort. A new season signals a blank slate and a fresh start. Here's to hoping you make some wonderful memories with your loved one's this fall.

Stop by the Julian Cider Mill to see us pressing cider through the windows on our old fashioned cider press. This is truly raw, local, fresh, unfiltered, unsweetened, and unpastureized cider. Nothing but smashed apples! No preservatives or sweetener. Stop by and get a cup, half gallon, or gallon today!

Hand pressed, all natural, unsweetened, raw, local, unfiltered, and unpasteurized - for four generations!

Written By,

Rowlynda Moretti

The Julian Cider Mill

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