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How Can I Save My Apple Cider For A Special Occasion?

Our apple cider is all natural, raw, handcrafted, unsweetened, unfiltered, and unpasteurized! This means its the good old fashioned stuff, but also means it won't last for ever in the refrigerator! To see how long cider lasts check our this blog post.

Don't worry though, you can save it! Want to whip out some local Julian apple cider at Thanksgiving or Christmas and wow your guests? - we've got you covered! Sometimes making the trek to Julian happens many weeks or a couple of months prior to a major holiday. Thats ok - you can still pick this drink up to enjoy with those special meals. To prolong the life of this all-natural fall drink simply freeze it! It can last indefinitely in the freezer but we recommend using it within a year to enjoy it at peak freshness. Be sure to remove some cider from the jug before you freeze it as the liquid will expand. This can cause the jug to burst or the cap to come off. Simply enjoy a glass right away and give the cider some room to expand!

Our Cider freezes really well, we've done it in our family for years! Just thaw an enjoy the same great flavor! Some customers also freeze it to use as baking ingredient year round.

Written By,

Rowlynda Moretti

The Julian Cider Mill

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