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How Many Apples?

Here are three of the most common questions we get about the quantity of apples:

How Many Apples in a Pound?

- One Pound = 3 Medium Apples

- One Pound = 7 Small Apples

- Three Pounds = 8-9 medium apples

- Three Pounds = 19-21 Small Apples

How Many Apples in a Peck?

- 1 peck equals: 10-12 pounds (or around 34-36 medium apples)

How Many Apples in a Bushel?

- 1 bushel equals: 42-48 pounds (or 130 - 144 medium apples)

How many apples does it take to make a gallon of cider?

- It will take just a little over a peck or 36-42 medium apples to make just one gallon of cider.

** Each of these figures is an estimate and carries on the variety of apple. in addition to this it varies from season to season (the amount of rainfall for the year contributes to the juiciness of apples and the weight).

Here are some more interesting stats on apples!

How many varieties of apples are there in America?

- 2,500 varieties are grown in America.

How many varieties of apples are there in the World?

- 7,500 varieties are in existence in the world

How many varieties of apples are there in the World?

- 100 varieties of apples are grown commercially in the United States.

How many states are apples commercially grown in the in US?

- Apples are grown commercially in 36 states.

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