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In Loving Memory - Fred Leroy Slaughter

In Loving Memory

Fred Leroy Slaughter

Feb 15, 1941 - Sept 18, 2022

Fred Leroy Slaughter passed from this world, September 18, 2022. Fred was born at the Brawley Community Hospital at 3:05 PM on a Saturday in 1941, to Wil

lis Harold Slaughter and Lillie Mae Cox. Willis at that time was a bookkeeper and barber and Lillie Mae was a housekeeper and hairdresser. In the mid 40’s the family moved to Second Street in Julian, CA where they lived in a one room home while they built the duplex.

Fred attended both Elementary and High School, in Julian, where he played basketball and baseball. He graduated High School in 1959, with a class of 17 people. While still in high school he worked for his Uncle Ralph Slaughter, where he learned to run heavy equipment - paving major highways. In

the eighth grade he met a special little girl named Susan McCurdy, they met at the basement of the Julian Town Hall. They attended the Del Mar Fair in the 8th grade and ended up marrying in 1959. As newlyweds they lived in the Hotel Cottage which is now known as the Julian Hotel Honeymoon House. Mr. Jacobs who owned the Julian Hotel inspired Fred to embark in Real Estate school in 1960 . They soon moved to the Lucy Lane House which is now the Julian Tea Cottage, where their eldest daughter Suzette was born in 1961. In 1962 they once again moved, this time, to the base of Volcan, at the YMCA camp as “care takers” and welcomed their second daughter Sandy. Fred washed dishes and even got to learn to cook - this is where his love of cooking started. During this time he helped run the Shell gas station owned by his dad which is now the Julian Cider Mill. Fred and Susan moved often and in 1966 while residing in Whispering Pines, welcomed into the family their third daughter Stacy.

In the mid 1960’s Porters Feed & Supply hired Fred to load trucks, he did most of their truck driving, anything from cement trucks to loading and delivering hay. He enjoyed working with that group of guys. He drove Christmas trees from Volcan to San Diego. He was a hard worker and willing to do whatever was asked of him. He had a tree trimming and tree falling business. Sometime later in the 1960’s he started his own paving and excavating business and was heavily sought after and extremely busy.

Fred enjoyed buying land and building homes and managed to do this while working full time. During their marriage, he moved Susan from home to home, in Kentwood and other areas, they were travelers but they never left Julian! The family would live in the house for a few years and then they would build again. Fred was truly an entrepreneur, and this spirit is what allowed him to eventually create the home on Old Cuyamaca Road that he and Susan have shared for many years. Fred had many business endeavors and he was willing to take risks for his family. He was a risk taker in business sense by nature, but only in the best way. Every time he took a risk, they got a little bit further ahead. He wore many hats throughout his life – one thing was consistent – he always worked very hard for his family.

For many years Fred, along with his parents Turk & Lillie Mae, sold apples from the foot of Volcan out of the garage at the Second Street House in Julian. In 1975 Turk & Lillie Mae, along with Fred, started the Julian Cider Mill. Once again their entrepreneurial spirit and the foresight to see the direction of commerce in Julian paid off. As evidence, the Julian Cider Mill is still going strong 47 years later, now run by the third generation, his daughter Sandy.

Fred enjoyed traveling abroad. He traveled to South America, Colombia, and South Africa as a missionary. His travels took him to England, Ireland, & Israel with his daughter Stacy. Fred enjoyed many outdoor hobbies including freshwater and saltwater fishing, hunting deer with his Dad, kayaking, knife sharpening, playing the accordion, and camping. He loved to cook especially over a campfire with his Lodge ware. Fred and Susan enjoyed camping in Oregon and June Lake for many summers.

Fred enjoyed bible study & ministering to those in need. He served as the pastor of the Church in Shelter Valley for several years. He was always willing to stop & talk to people & witness. Fred was known in the community to lend a hand to someone down on their luck. Many times, those he helped were not aware it was Fred. Fred was a very outgoing person, but was also very private. He loved life, lived it to the fullest & LOVED SUSAN.

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